Meet our staff

David Botha (Manager).                               

David has been in the industry for about 12 years. With knowledge stretching from Colour, highlights, lowlights, Cuts and more. 

He always find away to help his clients to achieve their optimal result. 

David Services offer: Colour, Highlights, Lowlights, Brazilian, Botox, Treatments, Toners cuts &  more

Some of his reviews:

 I walked in with LITTERALLY a nest of hair stuck in a bun. David transformed my hair into a beautiful healthy hair style. I am beyond happy with the service and outcome. Thank you guys so so much! I feel amazing.

(Brina Biggs)What an amazing experience, thank you David. I feel and look (in my eyes haha!) 10 years younger... one forgets how lockdown and the "home look" needs to be challenged and changed! Highly recommend them 👌 👍

Shaney Jordaan 

Shaney is the youngest with 4 years experience. Her knowledge stretch from Colour, Highlights, Botox and so much. Shaney does not however do any gets guts.

Shaney find ways to save her clients on expenses and try to give them the best possible look within their budget

Shaney's Serves: Colour, Highlights, Lowlights, Brazilian, Botox, Toner, Cuts and more

Some of Shaney's Reviews

(Abigail Nel) "Shaney is wonderful! She did an excellent job on my mom's hair. Her highlights are fine and blended in well. Her hair is beautiful. Highly recommend!"

(Josephine de Morney) "My first visit to this salon and was extremely happy with Chane 's work. She was very friendly and did an extremely good job on my hair. I will definitely come back."


Charlene has been in the industry for over 29 years,. Her speciality is Gents guts. She is also very clued up when it comes to colour, Highlights, Brazllian and so much more