Botox is a 25-minute-deep conditioning treatment which works to restore the natural beauty of damaged hair. The treatment leaves hair much smoother and healthier than before and ensures easy to manage, frizz free, and lustrous hair every day.

It is a quick rejuvenating Keratin treatment for your hair that delivers instant results and is perfect for hair that needs a quick fix to boost moisture and shine, added strength and reduced frizz.

People with finer hair might find that a Brazilian or Keratin treatment may be too heavy for their hair type, if so, Botox is a good alternative. The treatment can be used as a touch-up between Brazilian treatments. Botox won’t give you the super straight hair like a Brazilian blow-out would, but it promises to leave hair much smoother than before. 

Hair Botox is suitable for all hair types but is mostly aimed at those with very fine, dry, coloured, bleached, dull, lifeless, or fried hair full of split ends.

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